About Synopsis Winery

SYNPOSIS WINERY is a family estate located in the heart of sun-drenched Curic√≥ Valley of Chile, where several of the country’s most important vineyards are found. The region is often referred to as the “king of diversity” where more than 30 wine grape varieties have been grown since the mid-1800’s. First established in the 1920’s and situated about 200 kilometers south of the capitol Santiago, our 196 hectare vineyard is shielded from the ocean influence by a coastal range of hills, although it enjoys a Mediterranean climate which is absolutely favorable to the cultivation of wine grapes. Through decades of harmonizing with nature our vines are organically healthy and robust with an average age of 45 years old.

Synopsis Winery

Vineyard and Vines

Benefiting from very low rain precipitation during the growing season and high day to night temperature variations, in addition to the ideal soil condition of clay, sand and decomposed granite, Synopsis produces some of the finest red wines from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Carmenere and Malbec, each with its own distinctively bold character and considerable complexity from the nose to the persistent finish. Our Chardonnay comes with substantial “weight” and viscosity and expresses an opulent bouquet of sweet fruits and nuts, whereas our Sauvignon Blanc is always refreshing, elegantly floral and is extremely well balanced.

Philosophy and Practice

Essence, Passion, Dedication...

At Synopsis Winery, we are farmers before wine makers. We believe that an excellent wine can only be achieved by total dedication to the natural ways of viticulture while holding science and human ingenuity in the highest regards, with a core focus on sustainability and environmental preservation. Our vines are grown entirely free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We reply solely on the cycle of the season and the cycle of life to support the balance of the ecosystem and regenerate the fertility of our land. While nurturing our plants with the utmost care and respect, we monitor the performance of each plant is closely and whenever necessary replace plants that do not meet our standard of excellence. The result is that our wine will always have consistent individuality and enduring structure.


Committed to producing the highest quality wine possible and to make it accessible to all good people, we capture and place the beauty of nature in each bottle that comes out of Synopsis Winery with the utmost passion and pride. But it all begins with our grapes which we harvest all by hand during 2 full autumn months each year, starting with the Chardonnay grapes in February and ending with the Carmenere in April. We harvest before dawn where low temperatures and morning dew keep our grapes fresh before they arrive to our sorting stations in the winery. Then each cluster of grapes, and in fact each berry, is evaluated based on its quality to be separated into different lots for fermenting and ultimately for aging, blending and bottling of different levels of wine. After careful selection, the grapes are then siphoned into either French oak or stainless steel fermenter tanks. The process is carried out gently by gravity as to preserve the aromatic profile of the fruits, giving the wine its finesse and elegance.

Only about 10% of our highest quality grapes are chosen for making wine in the Ultra Premium classification. Red wine in this prestigious category is allowed to age in new French oak barrels for 22 months, then in the bottle for another 6 months before releasing to the market. Our Seleccionados classification is aged for 14 months and the Classique classification is aged for 8 months. Although each year, our wine shows different personalities, the expressions of elegance and complexity are definitely our signature.